Once upon a time, War and Mercy had a webcomic. Mercy hated the artwork, War hated the slow progression of the story, and neither of them wanted to talk about the creative monkey on their collective back fucking on about how they weren't being productive for an entire year beyond character concepts and notes.

Mercy got a new job that pays very well but also involves 60+ hours per week away from the comic, and War continues fleshing out the universe, characters, and story arcs that Mercy no longer has the time to illustrate or write about.

But it takes less time to write than it does to illustrate, at least for Mercy, so there should be more substantial content showing up in the next few months. Fair warning, it will be a mile-wide, inch-deep situation; if anything happens to spark your interest that you'd like to see more of, well, one of them will try to get to it when there's time. But there's never any time. There is no time, and then everyone eventually dies, and whether or not you find peace after that matters very little.